We have some exciting news to share! 303® Products is now a part of  Gold Eagle® Co., an 80 year-old, family-owned company specializing in gas additives and fuel stabilizers and maker of the best-selling brands - STA-BIL® Fuel Stabilizer and HEET® Gas Line Anti-Freeze.  Gold Eagle® brands have been preserving, protecting, and performing since 1932.  You can learn more about Gold Eagle® at

Over the past 30 years, 303® Products worked hard to grow the world class offering of protectants, cleaners, and associated products that it is today. It is with great pride when we say that the 303® Brand is the gold standard in these categories.  The 303® Brand has succeeded largely because of loyal customers like you. Our decision to partner together did not come lightly. After months of deep conversation between our organizations we confirmed that we shared the same fundamental beliefs and that there would be no compromise in product quality or service.  We know that Gold Eagle® Co.’s logistics, efficient customer service, and its proven product marketing abilities will enable the 303® Brand to grow around the world. To learn more about the acquisition, read our news release. Here is what won’t change – 303® Product’s unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional customer service.

Together, Gold Eagle® Co. and 303® Products reaffirm our commitment to you.  303® Brand products will remain the leading line of premium protectants and cleaners on the market today and in the future. Thanks for your help in making our products successful.  To view the press release click here.