STA-BIL Lawn and Garden Mower Racing Series LogoWe are thrilled to announce our 2013 United States Lawn Mower Racing Association Honorary Award Winners!

Winners were announced at this year’s 2013 STA-BIL Lawn & Garden Mower Racing Series Finals Weekend in Ohio.

The Dave Hertel Mowtivational Award

Awards History:

Named in the honor of USLMRA Tech Inspector and everybody’s good friend Dave Hertel.


This award is to be presented to an individual who like Dave was always mowtivated and took time to assist racers as a pit crewmember, doing whatever necessary to get the job done on race day, and one who displays the knowledge and energy that sets the example for all racers to follow.


Eric Corner - SmilingI would like to take the opportunity to nominate an individual who has without a doubt shown the Lawn Mower Racing world what MOWTIVATION is all about! From the first race of the season this individual displays an unparalleled, unmatched, untiring amount of mowtivation and determination when it comes to the sport of lawnmower racing. Doing whatever it takes; this man sees no barriers, mowtivating the crowd, fellow racers and demonstrating pride in representing the state of Michigan. He has been known to ride a greyhound bus from Michigan to Tampa, Florida just to race. This individual could also be the poster child for 5 Hour ENGERY. And why you wonder? Because he loves racing from the day he won the Race mower in a Raffle. There could be no better candidate for this award.

So it is with distinct pleasure that I nominate Mr. Eric Corner for The 2013 Dave Hertel MOWTIVATION Award for all untiring energy and mowtivation he has shown the Lawn Mower Racing World

– Manny Torres

Charles Powell “Mr. Mowjangles” Award


On December 3, 2006, Charles Powell passed way. Suddenly, unexpectedly and way too soon! Charles was USLMRA VP of Operations, President of the Lone Star LMRA, Winner of the 2005 Pain in the Butt Award and simply, Mr. Mowjangles. Charles was a tireless and Mowtivated racer, staff member, Chapter President, Chief Steward and key leader of the USLMRA. Implementing the Local Chapter system, designing our new membership database, providing guidance for new Chapters, updating and the annual Rulebook, STA-BIL Nationals Weekend and graciously accepting the Pain in the Butt Award at the 2006, were just some of his accomplishments.


Matt StrineSince my affiliation in this sport in early 2000, I have witnessed many, many individuals whom have had an incredible impact in supporting and promoting this great sport. When thinking of the individuals behind Lawnmower Racing, many think of Bruce Kaufman (the founder of the organization), or Bobby Cleveland (the Engine Answerman). But there is one individual who has taken the role as a leader and showed determination in reestablishing the sport of lawnmower racing within his own state.

Before his time as a racer this individual was a regular at the STA-BIL Nationals as a worker a corner man and doing whatever he could to help make the event happen. Then he decided to give racing a try. As fate would have it he was extremely talented. With the help of his good friend Chuck Miller he became quite competitive and successful. And in 2012 he was crowned National Champion in the SP Class and voted the National USLMRA Most Improved Driver.

But this is just part of the story. This individual was a true ambassador for the sport; he brought together racers from within the state to reestablish the Ohio Local Chapter. Seeking venues, transporting fellow racers mowers to National Races in his Modified Double Decker Trailer, and even allowing the racers to take his vehicle and trailer to events when he had other commitments and couldn’t travel with them are some of the things this individual would do for the cause.

Because of his efforts the Ohio Lawn Mower racing association has become a strong force to reckon with, very competitive and a very tight group of racers with a great deal of pride.

Now for the final picture, this man is a true gentleman, always willing to lend a helping hand, extremely approachable, and has a great sense of humor. Without a doubt an individual who deserves this award for all he has done not only for the sport of Lawn Mower Racing But for the Sport of Lawn Mower racing in MOWOHIO.

It is with distinct pleasure that I nominate Mr. Matt Strine for the 2013 Charles Powell Award for all he has done for the sport of Lawn Mower Racing.

Manny Torres

Dubba G Everyman Award (Established 2007)

“I was put here to make others happy. I believed in myself so others could.” Dubba G

Awards History & Prerequisite:

  1. We are looking for people with dedication, integrity and conviction to stand up for what they believe, even when unpopular.
  2. The candidate will carry a positive disposition.
  3. Actions on the track, including driving style, will show gentlemanly demeanor. Not necessarily always deferring to other drivers, but not creating unsafe situations. Their competitive spirit needs to be tempered with a “spirit of a sound mind”.
  4. Candidates are willing to help others. When times of need arise, sacrifice is not uncommon, willing to volunteer, add a hand, step up to the plate.
  5. Enthusiasm is key. They want to be here, at the race, in the paddock, at the driver’s meeting, their excitement will help the group’s positive energy grow and surge just by their presence. People like being around the candidate.
  6. General knowledge of what’s going on race day, race track, in the paddock, in general. This would imply that first month rookies may not fully qualify, but depending on their learning curve, they could be in the running. This doesn’t mean they have to know everything, but a good solid understanding of how things work is the basic idea.
  7. Most important, at least to me, is their Sense of Fair Play. We have all seen racers over the years that possess some or a few of these qualities, but when bump comes to shove, this particular attribute gets left behind or thrown out the window, depending on the situation. This applies on the track, negotiations during the rules committee, arguments about rules infractions and who gets the last beer after the race.
  8. Comes prepared to help. Spare parts, rope to hang clothes, share knowledge, extra mower to run on race day in order to keep accumulating points for the season. Having made preparations to help others in advance, knowing someone will need something. #4 shows the willingness, #8 exhibits the forethought to add extra supplies, etc.
  9. One of the traditions I enjoyed most was having a steak and a beer (or mower) after the race. I know most people want to run home. But there is always a few that will stick around or meet you on the way to the airport. This one is a bit hard to wrap your arms around, but I think this is part of the mix.
  10. I always preferred plaques. Trophies can be hard to store, but there’s always room for a plaque. A lot less dusting along with less space used.



David Martin With CheckersDavid Martin is another one who is comes to mind when I think of a “Racers racer.” He may not always be in the running (but this year sure is going good for him) but he goes out there and puts on a great show, whether it be on two or four wheels. And when he is on that track is aware of who is out there he points to the tops guys and makes room for them to pass. And is always willing help wrench or lend parts if need be. And off the track he has also stepped up to help make the day runs smoothly from tech to track to whatever. 
David Martin exemplifies the true meaning of sportsmanship and I am honored to nominate him for the 2013 Dubba G “Everyman” Award.

Chrissy Webb

The Mace Mullins Crew Chief Award

Awards History:

A Racer, Engine Builder and Crew Chief, Mace Mullins passed away on July 17, 2009. Mace, a multi-year racing champion will be honored with the Mace Mullins Crew Chief Award. “Mace was like a brother to me, and I’m proud to honor him”, says a Former National AP Class Champion and Triple Crown winner. Lawn mower racers everywhere loved ´Mace, and I loved the guy. It was a former AP Champion Dale Becker’s idea to honor Mace with this award in his honor.

Mace Mullins was an individual who would always be there for anyone. His specialty was building engines and with this expertise he assisted Dale Becker in being a successful Champion in the AP class. He was always there when needed, and he always insured that Dales Mowchine was ready come race day.


This award is to be presented to an individual who like Mace always takes the time to assist racers as a pit crewmember. doing whatever necessary to have Race Mowers ready come race day, and one who displays the knowledge and energy that sets the example for all racers.


Wally Bender in ActionI would like to nominate an individual who has been instrumental with so many involved in this sport. A long time racer and engine builder this individual has proven time and time again that he is willing to go over and beyond to help other racers no matter where they come from. Racers from New Jersey, North Carolina and throughout Maryland always come to this Master mind for assistance before race day and even in the pits when they have mechanical problems with their mowers. A very creative individual, this racer has been known to work all night on other racers engines putting them first before working on his own so that that will be able to race on the following day. A true Iron Man, he has become widely known for his generosity of time and resources when it comes to lawn mower racers.This individual truly depicts the meaning of a gentleman racer, always cheerful, respectful, and not a mean bone in his body.

I sincerely consider an honor to know him, compete against him and to be in his company.

So it is with distant pleasure that I nominate Mr. Wally Bender The Mace Mullins Crew Chief Award for all he has done for the sport of Lawn mower Racing

Manny Torres


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