USL20_logoB copyFrom the Desk of Manny & Kerry:

From our understanding, there have been numerous comments about the width of the chassis on the FXS & FXT class mowers. However, after discussing this with several upper class racers we all agree that the width does NOT give an advantage in any way to the driver, it only eliminates the need of adding a third bearing to the jackshaft. So having a frame with of up to 15” in width wouldn’t be a problem.

We have removed the word “and width” from the FXS & FXT Class section to cover this, and will now read as below.

2. CHASSIS: Frames, parts, must retain original manufacturers (OEM) specifications (no chopping) re: wheel base length unless modifications specified in particular class. Material (steel) may be added for structural strength. It is recommended that front axles be bolted or welded rigid eliminating the stock pivoting. No rear engine lawnmowers must be front engine traditional style lawn tractor with a hood covering the engine and rear fenders. No handlebars, to prevent a racer from being pierced in the event of a roll over. All tractors must have been a factory built lawn cutting tractors.

The Rule Book has not changed as we feel this is a minor correction. Click here to view and download the 2013 Rulebook.


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