Racers: As we wind down the 2012 STA-BIL Series racing season and start looking towards Nationals weekend in Delaware, Ohio I feel that some issues need to be addressed prior to the Season Finale.

Having been on site to conduct Technical Inspections at just about every STA-BIL National Points Race event this season, I have witnessed several issues with mowers as they came through the tech inspection line. Many could have been resolved if the driver had read the Rule Book prior to the season. Regardless, here are some issues that need to be addressed prior to showing up to Delaware Ohio to make the inspection process much, much easier:

  • Mower must be clean and free of dirt and grease in order for the inspector to be able to inspect and insure that it is safe to operate.
  • Numbers and class designation must be on the mower as outlined in the rulebook, this includes required stickers (STA-BIL).
  • On all governed class mowers (JP, IMOW, GPK, & GP), access for the inspector to be able to safely check RPM during Tech and after features.
  • Double throttle return springs; must be strong enough to do the job and both springs must be mounted at different mounting points.
  • Fuel/ Oil leaks; engine cannot have any fuel or oil leaks that could possibly ignite during engine operations.
  • Steering wheel throttles; cannot be adjustable on Governed classed Period.
  • The only classes that are allowed front bumpers are the FXS and FXT. All other classes are permitted to have rear bumpers only.
  • On all governed classes the engine must be completely stock, Period, no modifications except for the exhaust. Must have original air filter housing, carburetor w/out modifications, stock flywheel with Charging system intact, and fuel solenoid still mounted and connected on the carburetor. Bottom line is the engine should come off a grass cutting mower and bolted up to the race mower and a header exhaust system bolted up.
  • No Nerf bars on the decks except for FXS & FXT.
  • All Mower Sheet metal must be firmly mounted, no rattling or loose body parts will be allowed.
  • Batteries must be securely mounted.
  • I have witnessed too many exhaust leaks to close to fuel lines and oil leaks; this could be a possible fire waiting to happen.
  • Transponders must be securely attached to the mower.
  • Brakes must be fully operational.
  • Kill switches must work.
  • All steering bolts must be tight and secured with lock nuts.
  • Anytime the driver is driving the mower in the pits or on the track during parade laps they must have the tether attached to their body.
  • All racers must have required fire extinguishers in their pit area as mandated in the rulebook.
  • If a mower breaks down during a race of any type (Practice, Heat, or Feature) they must immediately move off the track at least 10 feet from the edge of the track. No one from the pit area is permitted to assist the driver until the completion of the race and receives permission from the Chief Steward.

All season we have done all we can to allow every racer compete during the race weekend, however during Nationals weekend everyone must arrive ready to race with their mowers meeting the standards stated in the rule book. Infractions will not be overlooked and all faults will have to be made before they are allowed to race.

Why? Because you have had all season to prepare for the season finale.

I will be discussing with Bruce Kaufman and Kerry Evans on selecting this year’s tech team staff that will be working this Year’s National’s Weekend with me.

Thank you all for the outstanding support this season, the patience during the inspection process and understanding the reasons for issues noted with your mowers when identified.

As in years past it has been a pleasure to serve as the National Tech Director and to see all of you on Race day.

Good Luck & Mow Them Down,

Manny Torres
National Tech Director


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