The USLMRA is thrilled to have “Runnin’ All Out” as an Official Song for our 20th Anniversary.  Recorded in Nashville, this Country Rock-inspired tune will also support a good cause: Patriot Outreach.

Let’s hear from the song’s creator and co-writer:

Back in late 2010, I was talking with a friend of mine, Ron Smith, about a reality show he was developing on lawn mower racing. Ron wanted to use a song I had had recorded a few years ago for the show’s theme song.  I decided to call Rick Ryman, a singer/songwriter I had been introduced to in 2008.  Rick is a talented songwriter and singer.  I explained to Rick what I wanted and how I wanted it to be presented.  In the IT world, you would call it the “look & feel”.

By January 2011, Rick came back with the lyrics and we went over them and made a few changes. It took another nine months to get the song done. We found a studio with a great engineer who rounded up some excellent players.  Rick explained what I was looking for, played them the song my friend, Ron, had been thinking about so they could get a feel for the energy I wanted, and set to work.  Less than three hours later I get a call from Rick that the mix was on the way to me by email and to give my feedback so they could make any changes I thought were appropriate.  Mind you, this is a long distance project.  Rick is in Nashville and I am in California.  I listened to the song and called and told Rick that the song is exactly what I was looking for.  It was perfect.  Rick then tells me that he had never been in a recording session like this one.  “It was like Magic!” he said. “Everything came together just like it was meant to be.”  The next day Rick laid down his vocals and the rest is “history.”   We had a great studio engineer, Buck, great players from the Opry and Kenny Chesney’s band, and much credit to Rick for reengineering himself from a traditional country singer to a country rock singer for this song, a completely different style than he was used to.   They all did a phenomenal job and together we produced this great fun loving song that you hear today!

The cost of the song is $2.99 and can be ordered on our site

Part of the proceeds will go to help support Patriot Outreach, a non-profit organization, that helps returning veterans, active military, law enforcement, first responders or and their families suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) through a non-drug approach.  It’s a method that can be used by anyone in the privacy of their own home and is completely non invasive.  Many in the military support it for its effectiveness.  Patriot Outreach was founded by Colonel Antonio Monaco, USA (Ret.) who saw the effects that P.T.S.D. was having on his troops and searched for a way to bring them back to mental health without impairing their functioning. I support Col. Monaco’s mission because of my own background in nutrition and alternative medicine.   I come from a long line of American servicemen stretching back to the Revolutionary War (Virginia Militia).  These men and women have sacrificed much in their service and it is the least we can do to bring them and their families back safely to sound mental health without the crippling effects of psychotropic drugs.

Our goals are threefold with this song:

  1. For everyone who hears it to have a great experience and thoroughly enjoy the music.
  2. To provide support for a truly worthy cause.
  3. To sell enough to become Platinum and Multi-Platinum and put Lawn Mower Racing on everyone’s lips.

We ask you to join us “Runnin’ All Out” on our mission to achieve our goals.

Downloading “Runnin’ All Out” Here!


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