As Americans celebrate during 4th of July Weekend, the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association (USLMRA) has announced it’s annual inductees into the USLMRA National Lawn Mower Racing Hall of Fame & Museum of America!

John Nelson, “Sir Lawns-A-Lot,” and Dr. Art Neavill along with the late Charles Powell, “Mr. Mowjangles” will take their place of honor alongside legends of the lawn including “Turfinator” “Sodzilla” and “Boogie Woogie.”

  • John Nelson “Sir Lawns-A-Lot”, Richardson, Texas:
    As a member of the USLMRA Steering Committee, Past President of the Lone Star Mower Racing Association (LSMRA) and the nations’ first “Mow Ambassador,” “Sir Lawns-A-Lot” epitomizes the spirit and unique culture of lawn mower racing. Also known as John Deere Nelson, John competed in five racing classes from 2001-2010. John still loves to show off in his John Deere 210, 14-foot, 5-engine machine he calls “Mow Longer.”
  • Dr. Art Neavill, Commerce Township, Michigan:
    Dr. Art Neavill is beloved for his spirit, love of competition and eagerness to help fellow racers. Just before his retirement from the Michigan public school system, Art became a lawn mower racer, touring the country with his son-in-law and wife by his side, while intermittently battling cancer. Lawn mower racers across the country have benefitted from Art’s generosity. Be it a spare part, extra engine or entire lawn mower, if Dr. Art is in the pits, what’s his is yours.
  • Charles Powell – “Mr. Mowjangles” (1950-2006), Forney, Texas:
    The late Charles Powell was USLMRA VP of Operations, LSMRA Founding President, Winner of the 2005 Pain in the Butt Award and simply, Mr. Mowjangles. He was a MOWtivated racer, chapter president and race steward. The annual USLMRA Charles Powell Mr. Mowjangles Award was named in his honor.

“Our 2011 Hall of Famers have travelled across the country kicking grass and having fun,” said Bruce Kaufman, “Mr. Mow It All” USLMRA Founder and President. “It is so cool to put a doctor of education and two Texas lawn rangers into the place of high honor in the annals of sod slinging. May their lawns always be green and weed-free.”

The 3rd annual National Lawn Mower Racing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies will take place Sunday, Sept. 4 in Delaware, Ohio during the 20th annual STA-BIL Keeps Gas Fresh Finals and U.S. Open Labor Day Weekend Lawn Mower Racing Championships, which brings together hundreds of racing mowers from across America and Canada for mower-take-all showdowns in 11 classes.

Founded in 2009, the USLMRA National Lawn Mower Racing Hall of Fame is a place of honor for Turf Titans who have turned a weekend chore into a competitive sport. The USLMRA National Lawn Mower Racing Hall of Fame & Museum of America is located at Miller Lawn and Power, 1299 Harding Highway East State Road 309, Marion, Ohio.

Nelson, Neavill and Powell will join Hall of Fame Honorees including:

  • The Organizing Committee of Indiana’s Twelve Mile 500 America’s oldest lawn mower race, founded 1963.
  • Jim Gavin of Wisborough Green, England, Founder and General Secretary of the British Lawn Mower Racing Association, founded 1973.
  • “Racing Ray” Mrocks, also known as “Sodzilla”, the first USLMRA member, who heeded the call to sod slinging glory on April 1, 1992, the birthday of national lawn mower race sanctioning in the United States.
  • Chuck “Boogie Woogie” Miller, the only USLMRA member to compete in every STA-BIL Nationals since 1992.
  • Ken “Turfinator” Smolecki whose mower, The Turfinator was featured on the TV sitcom Home Improvement and who raced in the legendary British Lawn Mower Racing Association 12-Hour Race.
  • Bill Simpson, who served as the first USLMRA Race Director, adding consistency to race officiating by directing a staff of race stewards and staff.

Founded on April 1, 1992, the USLMRA sanctions and presents organized lawn mower racing across America including the 21-race STA-BIL Lawn & Garden Mower Racing Series and a network of 55 Chapters and Clubs hosting more than 150 sanctioned races nationwide each year. Races feature riding lawn mowers with cutting blades removed at speeds up to 60 mph. Lawn mowers race in several road course classes from Stock and IMOW (8-20 mph) to Factory Experimental and Open Twin Cylinder (40-60 mph).


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