The United States Lawn Mower Racing Association is excited to welcome the Central Pennsylvania Racing Mowers!

“I am excited to say we have joined with the USLMRA to become an Affiliated Club,” said Tom Bryner, C.P.R. Mowers President. “We mainly race in Mifflin County Pennsylvania, but we have a few other races in the works for 2012. We race for fun and everyone is welcome to come and watch us race.”

“We encourage anyone who would like to race with us, to build a safe mower and race with us!!! You can find the rules at just click on our Web Forum at and read the rules. . We all felt this would help our local racers to grow and probably get us some more places to race, since we will now have the insurance and the support of the USLMRA.”

“The Affiliated Club (AC) allows just about any racer to easily adapt to USLMRA safety rules and guidelines and be able to be a part of a USLMRA AC without actually being a USLMRA member. This program is an awesome way to introduce ANYONE into LAWN MOWER RACING without committing 100% to USLMRA Build Rules. Just about anyone can put together a Racing Mower that really only needs to comply 100% with USLMRA safety rules/guidelines. From there it is pretty much ‘open’ to what can be done with the mower, as long as you follow C.P.R. Rules. Please check the rules section and see what class you fall in. If you don’t fit a class, BUT you want to race we will fit you in with a class that is close to you and as long as your mower will pass our safety inspection.”

“Our schedule will be posted as soon as the track is finalized so check out for up to date information and listings.”

“Our goal is to have as many races as we can and to support the USLMRA in as many ways as we can!”

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