The U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association is proud to welcome the Central Iowa Lawn Mower Racing Association (CILMRA) to our racing family! From CILMRA president Curt “LC” Hodges of Newton, Iowa:

We started in 2009 with a full schedule as an outlaw group at Cow Pasture Raceway in Reasnor, Iowa. The whole idea started in the local watering hole one evening when the owner was talking about mower racing he had watched on YouTube. The more we discussed this and the more water we drank from the watering hole the better the idea sounded. We knew of a facility close to us where mud drags were once held that would be perfect. Several of us went back to our computers and shops and began researching and building. Next thing we knew it was Mothers Day 2009 and we were racing. The first lawn mower race I ever watched was on that day and it was from the driver’s seat, I’m hooked! We soon found another small group from Hartford racing lawn mowers at a local kart track and we were then introduced to Paul Krueger via Heymow. Paul was instrumental in our initial success and is a big part of our group today. In 2010 we raced a another full schedule at CPR as well as at special events such as Baxter Fun Days, Jasper County Fair and in Hartford, Huxley and Carson, Iowa. We have even mow fun planned for this year.

Our rulebook is patterned off of the USLMRA and ARMA rulebooks with few exceptions other than some provisions and rules for our Super Stock Class. We are slowly revisiting this Class to meet USLMRA rules. We are also flexible in Classes on Race Day to accommodate all drivers and ensure we have a quality program for racing fans. We will be racing on two Home Tracks in 2011!

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