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This slide show, by USLMRA Vice President Kerry Evans, shows the process of converting a Peerless 820-022 to a 820-017 racing transaxle.

Here are the steps detailed in each photo:

  1. Shows the 820-022 transaxle and location of the unit ID Plate.
  2. The transaxle with the top cover removed and the parts that will be used to up-grade to and convert to a 820-017.
  3. Shown are the gears that are removed that will be changed.
  4. Gears that will be reinstalled for the upgrade.
  5. Rear Axle to change out from a Differential to a Straight Axle.
  6. All gears are in-place for alignment… final setup!

It should be noted that the 820-022 has a ratio of around 12:1 and the 820-017 has around a 4.2:1 High Gear “Final Ratio”. This setup will allow you to use smaller pulleys in the front and close to a 1:1 pulley drive in the back. Remember to install your detent ball & spring in the set screw hole after the top cover is in place, and fill with your favorite gear oil!

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