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This post, from Dean Schopf, Jr. Events Coordinator of the Pennsylvania Lawn Mower Racing Association (PALMRA) is a build clinic book made up of information from all over the web, as well as our racers in Pennsylvania.

We suggest that every new member who is building their first racing lawn mower download a copy! Dean Jr. had this to say:

All of the mowchines that race under the PALMRA name are built to the USLMRA rule book, so start by downloading that. After reading the rule book, you will be scratching your head trying to make sense of it all – most people building their own mower for the first time have no idea of how to set up the front axle or how to install a jackshaft. That’s why we created the PALMRA build clinic book!

The clinic book contains everything from the first rule of lawn mower racing, to where to locate those hard-to-find parts… and it is broken down into chapters such as ‘Brakes’, ‘Steering’, and ‘Transmissions’ for easy reference. We suggest that every new racer who is building his or her first racing mower download a copy.

Also provided in the Guide Book are the PALMRA race day procedures on registration, tech inspection, the drivers meeting, and on track safety. Lastly, the guide book contains contact information for myself and Tom Lavalette!

Thanks, Dean Jr.! You can download the PALMRA Build Clinic Book below:

Download The PALMRA Build Clinic Book

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