ESPN’s DJ Gallo, pondering Brett Favre’s missed start this week, began to wonder…

But what if his streak had never gotten started? What if his early struggles had short-circuited his football career? The NFL, the world and life itself would be very different.

He then went on to hypothesize on the path Favre, the Green Bay Packers, the USLMRA, and even North American diplomacy take in the wake of Favre’s hypothetical failure in the NFL:

1997: His competitive fires still burning, Favre takes up lawn mower racing. He wins the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association title in his first season.

1998: Favre wins another USLMRA title with a dramatic comeback on the final lap. Attendance soars for the down-home, affordable sport. Favre signs a lucrative endorsement contract with Wrangler.

1999: Favre loses his first USLMRA title but wins countless more fans by accidentally mowing off his foot with a lead on the final lap. He has his foot re-attached and grittily finishes the race. He also serves as USLMRA commissioner in 1999, and the circuit enjoys record profits and earns a national TV contract.

To read the entire article, click here. Thanks to DJ Gallo and ESPN for this great shout out… and should Brett ever want to give our sport a try, we’d be thrilled to take a few spins around the track with him!

What do you think, readers? Could the famous gunslinger cut it in the USLMRA, slinging sod instead?


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