After speaking to many of you the past few weeks and conferring with the staff of USLMRA we have decided to re-look the following rule changes. Understanding that not everyone will be satisfied with any change, we feel that some changes have to be made in the best interest of USLMRA and in the best interest in regards to safety for the drivers. So with that said the following amendments to the 2011 rule book have been made:

Y) Flywheels After several years where It was highly recommended, but not mandatory that in all Prepared classes and in FX that Billet Flywheels be used, we will mandate that starting with the 2011 racing season that Billet Flywheels will be mandatory for all Prepared classes (AP, SP, CP, BP), and in FX for all STA-BIL National Lawn Mower Racing Series Points Races and the Sta-Bil Keeps Fuel Fresh Finals/US Open.

For Affiliated Clubs and USLMRA Local Chapter Races only, Billet Flywheels will not be required, however Mower Classes with performance modified engines (governors removed, modified cams, engines running in excess of 4000 RPM’s, etc…) will be requires to have scatter –shields. These scatter-shields will be built to the specification stated in Item c below.

Special Note: AC and LC membership should keep in mind that Billet Flywheels “may” become mandatory for all Prepared Classes, and in FX starting with the 2012 racing season.

Rationale: USLMRA has considered Flywheels to be a safety issue. Also USLMRA understands the fact that this rule will have a major impact on AC and LC membership due to the cost of such a ruling. As RPM’s and speeds increase, USLMRA believes Billet Flywheels will allow greater safety for racers.

General Flywheel rules:

  1. Unmodified Stock for IMOW & JP’s. Stock flywheels must remain stock! They may not be lightened, have charging magnet removed or modified in anyway
  2. 100% Billet for all Prepared (AP, SP, CP, BP) & FX.
  3. All Scatter shields used on a USLMRA lawnmowers must adhered to the

Following specifications:

  1. Scatter shields must be fabricated from 1/8″ steel minimum.
  2. The scatter shield must be form fitting and follow all of the contours of the blower housing.
  3. The scatter shield must be the same height (vertical shaft) or same width (horizontal shaft) as the blower housing and be bolted to the block using the original mounting points.
  4. A 1″ X 1/8″ minimum steel strap must run across the face of the blower housing to reinforce the scatter shield, side to side.
  5. Notches for starter drives must be reinforced to at least one inch past each end of the notch.
  6. Any holes drilled into shield for items such as dip stick holder or fuel pump must be 1/4 inch or less.
  7. The scatter shield must be painted to match the engine’s blower housing.

Manny Torres

USLMRA Tech/Race Director


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