After speaking to many of you the past few weeks and conferring with the staff of USLMRA we have decided to re-look the following rule changes. Understanding that not everyone will be satisfied with any change, we feel that some changes have to be made in the best interest of USLMRA and in the best interest in regards to safety for the drivers. So with that said the following amendments to the 2011 rule book have been made:


M) Starts will be Le-Mans style, with engines off. Once all mowers are lined up, drivers will line up directly in front across from their mower (In a direct line from their mower) facing the head flagger. On the green flag, driver’s will cross the track on foot, start their mowers and start racing. At no time will any mower roll off the starting grid line until the driver is completely seated. A designated Crewmember may assist with starting after driver is completely seated on the mower. Crewmembers may not go onto the track, or assist or push the mower from the grid. Mowers with remote starters will be moved to the back of the grid.

N) In the IMOW Class we will still use the Le-Mans Style Start, however drivers will no longer be required to “Run to their Mowers!” This is to accommodate Handicapped, and Elder racers who have difficulty running across the track and are completely over whelmed by the young drivers in this class. The IMOW Class is designed to test driver’s skills with governed engines and Gear ratio mandated drive trains, not their ability to run across the track. Drivers Will Stand directly behind their mowers with their tether in hand arms stretched straight in the air. When the Head-flagger drops the green flag the driver will move either to the right or left side of the mower and mount the mower, start it and begin to race. At not time will the driver JUMP over the back seat/fender to mount the mower. This IS FOR THE IMOW Class only. JP will continue to use the Le-Mans start Style. This is to develop our young drivers and prepare them for the Prepared Classes when they reach the legal age limit.

Manny Torres

USLMRA Tech/Race Director


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