The Utah State Lawn Mower Racing Association and the Intermountain Mower Racing Association met Saturday to determine the fastest mower. In some cases it was to see who had a mower that could finish.

The event, organized by Roger Hope of Spanish Fork, was one of a planned ten races this year. Mowers are grouped by size (power) and include some modified classes. Most rush around the track at a speed that hardly exceeds a fast walk, but some of the modified mowers do move at a lively clip.

The track was laid out at the Salem Yahoo Arena and included two lengths of oval. The driversstarted their mowers and then retreated to a standby line for most classes. At the signal, they rushed to their mowers and took off. Winners were, of course, the first to complete the required number of laps. Strategies for winningcan rival NASCAR or Indy Car races – keep the guy behind you from passing and don’t make mistakes. All in all, the races were fun to watch and even more fun for the drivers.

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