Roger Keur Lawn Mower Racing

Emily Caswell of the Lapeer Area Review profiles Jay and Roger Keur of the Michigan Lawnmower Racing Association:

If it has a motor, Roger Keur will race it.

Case in point? This Sunday, Sept. 19 during his church’s annual Country Day event, Keur, senior minister at Country Christian Church, will race a lawn mower.

And Keur isn’t alone. In fact, as a member of the Michigan Lawnmower Racing Association he is just one of the hundreds of people around the state who have turned their mower into a vehicle for speed (well sort of, lawn mowers race at speeds of anywhere from 27 to 45 miles per hour).

Keur, who has been the senior minister at Country Christian Church for 19 years, got involved in the MILMRA through the encouragement of his brother Jay two years ago.

“It’s affordable (and) it’s something I can do now,” said Keur.

The brothers, who have always had a passion for racing, saw no reason not to give another vehicle a try.

“We’ve raced everything imaginable,” said Keur. “We’ve always been competitive.”

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