ILRA Lawn Mower Racing

Saturday, June 12th marked the opening of the second season for the Intermountain Mower Racing Association, a U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association affiliate. The Standard-Examiner in Ogden, Utah had this to say:

While sports fans around the globe sat in their cozy homes watching the opening round of the World Cup, a different group of enthusiasts braved the weather to race yard-care equipment around a makeshift track inside the dusty arena.

“This is real huge back East,” event organizer and Intermountain Mower Racing Association (IMRA) Chapter President Mike Hudson said. “But this is pretty new to everyone around here.

Also from the article, written Monday, June 14th by Gentry Reinhart:

There was no prize money, no trophies or medals for the placing racers, but the camaraderie was evident throughout the afternoon, with each team helping each other with push starts, lending a hand with the choke, or just grabbing a hot dog.

“Everybody’s kind of starting from scratch, but they’re definitely stepping it up a notch,” Hudson said. “It’s pretty cheap to get a mower ready to race though, and I think it’s going to catch on.”

Hudson’s optimism was shared by virtually everyone who attended Saturday’s race.

That and being handy with a wrench are the main reasons he’s the man you want to talk to in Northern Utah if you need help with your lawnmower … especially if you plan on racing it.

Read the whole piece here.


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