Placer County Fair Lawn Mower RacingThe Pacific Coast Lawn Mower Racing Association’s upcoming event in Roseville, California is covered by the California Beaches Blog:

California’s fairs are humming into the cities and towns throughout the state, but that sound you hear is more than just the buzz of bug. In one of the craziest races to hit a fairground, lawn mowers move fierce & fast around a race track lined with bails of hay as they carve a path to beat out the competition. Never seen a lawn mower race? Now’s your chance on June 24-27, 2010 at the Placer County Fair

Placer County Fair admission is  free. You can find the Placer County Fairgrounds at: 800 All America City Blvd. in Roseville, CA, 95678, or you can reach them by phone at (916) 786-2023.

For more information on the Pacific Coast Lawn Mower Racing Association, or to get involved in California’s racing mower groups, contact Bud Elmore.


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