The U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association (USLMRA) / is proud to announce a 3rd Tier of its award-wining, pioneering “Cutting Edge” organized lawn mower racing program!

USLMRA Affiliated Clubs (ACs) are now being offered across the country as the USLMRA meets the demand for organized and safe lawn mower racing at home tracks, municipal properties and local venues – even your back yard.

As the nation’s oldest and most experienced national lawn mower racing sanctioning body, pioneering American lawn mower racing national sanctioning in 1992, the USLMRA adds a “3rd Tier” to complement its STA-BIL National Lawn Mower Racing Series and Local Chapter / STA-BIL Series Qualifying System.

Affiliated Clubs are for folks who want to organize a group of racers to race safely and locally while following USLMRA build and tech rules in a flexible, non-binding manner.

Whereas racing mowers in the STA-BIL National Lawn Mower Racing Series and Local Chapter System follow USLMRA build and tech rules with 100% compliance, an Affiliated Club can have some flexibility in their Build and Tech rules, as long as USLMRA safety mandates are adhered to with 100% compliance.

Opportunity for racers adhering to USLMRA Build and Tech Rules to qualify for STA-BIL Nationals Weekend, held the Saturday-Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.

Affiliated Clubs are designed for:

• Groups of racers wishing to race locally on a home track, and not travel.
• Race tracks wishing to host sanctioned USLMRA events.
• Venues seeking weekly or monthly races
• Groups wishing to get into lawn mower racing with the goal of becoming a USLMRA Local Chapter
• Groups or wanting insurance

Benefits of Becoming a USLMRA Affiliated Club

The USLMRA was established in 1992 and knows what works and what doesn’t. We’ll help promote events and will help with technical details in setting up mowchines and race tracks. USLMRA is the most popular lawn mower racing web site in the nation, appearing Number 1 in prominent search engines such as, and
National Leadership

National Leadership
USLMRA was founded in 1992, with the same national leadership in place since 1991.  USLMRA is professionally managed, with staff available every day to work with Local Chapters.

The USLMRA preaches safety in our sleep!  We are very safety conscious.  The 16-year USLMRA safety record is impeccable. Taking safety very seriously protects all members, partners, sponsors, host venues and spectators.

The USLMRA provides Spectator Liability, Participant Accident Liability and Participant Medical Coverage as well as Participant Legal Liability.  USLMRA has maintained an excellent, consistent relationship with its insurance carrier since 2001.  National Karting Alliance,

Affiliated Club Network
USLMRA maintains ongoing communication with all Affiliated Clubs and Local Chapter Presidents via message boards and forums to exchange ideas, success stories, promotional and marketing materials and knowledge.  This collective knowledge is second to none in the world of lawn mower racing!

Race Day Operations
Guidance and support in areas including track set up, race day personnel, venue relations, etc.

USLMRA Staff Relations
Access to USLMRA Regional Directors.  Access to and consultation with USLMRA Race Stewards and Technical Inspectors.

Regional Directors
USLMRA Regional Directors are veteran lawn mower racers and lawn mower race promoters, with experience in running USLMRA Local Chapters and Affiliated Clubs and hosting numerous local and national race events.

North / Northwest:
Lee Vine

South / Southeast:
Kerry Evans

East / Northeast:
Tom Lavalette

Tracy Donihue

Documents and Materials (Copyrighted)
USLMRA will provide some or all of the following information and materials

I. General
USLMRA Operations Manual Introduction
Race Administration Procedures
Day of Event Check List
Race Personnel
Creating A Track
Track Diagrams
USLMRA Registration Procedures
USLMRA Flag Manual
USLMRA Technical Inspection Sheet
USLMRA Grid Sheet
USLMRA Membership Application
USLMRA Event Check List
Odds and Ends
II. Media / Sponsorship  / Promotional Materials
Sample Sponsorship Proposals
Great “Mowments” in USLMRA History
Sample Press Release
Sample Media Alert
Media Fact Sheet
Sample Photo Caption
Sample Promotional Fliers
Sample Sponsorship Query Letter
Sample Sponsorship Proposal
Sample Contract
Race DVDs

Application Process

Contact one of the above Regional Directors as listed above.  Once approved, sign an Affiliate Club Agreement. You will then receive Information from USLMA and NKA.

Ready, Set…MOW!


$50.00 annually payable to National Karting Alliance.

$50.00 minimum per race insurance payment as per National Karting Alliance.


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